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    Redline Wonder Tape - 1/8"
    Pinflair Glue Gel Tube
    Cosmic Shimmer Glue
    Stix2 Ultra Clear Double Sided Tape 1/4"
    VersaMark Stamp Pad
    Glamour Dust
    Cosmic Shimmer Acrylic Glue 125ml
    Ultra Fine Tip Glue Applicators
    VersaMark Refil
    Mirri Board - Silver
    Stix2 Ultra Clear Double Sided Tape 1/2"
    Distress Oxide Ink Pad - Fossilzed Amber
    Distress Oxide Ink Pad - Faded Jeans
    Collall Photoglue 100ml - Repositionable Adhesive
    Easy Lift Double Sided Tape
    Redline Wonder Tape - 1/4"
    Distress Oxide Ink Pad - Vintage Photo
    Ranger Glossy Accents 2fl oz
    Sakura Quickie Glue Pen
    StazOn Ink Pad Jet Black
      Weekday Lessons
      12th - 13th September - Tone On Tone Stamping
      06th - 07th June - Shabby Chic
      14th - 15th March - Quilted Effect
      04th - 05th July - Wedding Cards
      19th - 20th September - Winter Backgrounds
      30th - 31st May - Concertina Fold
      21st - 22nd March - Twist & Fold Card
      11th - 12th July - Whimsical Backgrounds
      26th - 27th September - Stamping in the round...
      13th - 14th June - Stamping with perspective
      28th - 29th March - Inking Backgrounds
      25th - 26th July - Silhouette Stamping
      03rd - 04th October - Flip Flap Card
      27th - 28th June - On Refelection
      04th - 05th April - Bokeh Effect
      18th - 19th July - Warm Winter Wishes
      10th - 11th October - Pan Pastels
      11th - 12th January - Thank You
      11th - 12th April - Tri Fold Treat Box
      01st - 02nd August - Embossing
      17th - 18th October - Festive Colouring
      17th - 18th January - New Beginnings
      18th - 19th April - Stamp Making
      08th - 09th August - Heat Embossing
      24th - 25th January - Its a male thing!!
      25th - 26th April - Black Magic Stamping
      15th - 16th August - Can You Resist?
      30th - 31st January - Inking Backgrounds
      02nd - 03rd May - Masking
      22nd - 023rd August - Entering into the spirit!!
      07th - 08th February - Centre Stepper
      09th - 10th May - Batik Stamping Effect
      29th - 30th August - Envelope Punch Board
      21st - 22nd February - Faceted Box
      14th - 15th February - Star Card
      23rd - 24th May - Art Deco
      05th - 06th September - Gilding Wax
      16th - 17th May - Double Embossing
      07th - 08th March - Mica Powders
      20th - 21st June - Tuxedo Box
      Weekend Workshops
      27th May - Parchment - Dimensional Box (cont)
      19th August - Parchment - Colouring Techniques
      23rd September - Parchment - Poly Bag Project
      02nd September - Heat Embossing Techniques
      09th September - Winter Backgrounds
      16th September - Keeping it simple;ish...
      30th September - The Christmas Spirit..
      07th October - A Gilded Christmas
      14th October - Parchment - Christmas Wreath Part 1
      17th June - Parchment - Resist
      21st October - Parchment - Chrsitmas Wreath Part 2
      20th May - Parchment - Dimensional Box
      Parchment Lessons
      Parchment Lessons
        Foam Pads
        STI 4000 Stick it! - 3D White Foam Squares
        STI 4001 Stick it! - 3D Large White Foam Dots
        STI 4002 Stick it! - 3D Mini White Foam Dots
        Glue & Accessories
        Spray Adhesives
          Adhesive Sprays
          Stick & Spray
          Stick & Spray Fabric
          Stick & Stay
          Stick & Stay Fabric
          Stick Away
          Spray & Shine
          Sray & Slide
          Spray & Sparkle
          Spray & Sparkle - Pearl Diamond
          Spray & Sparkle - Pink
          Spray & Sparkle - Silver
          Spray & Sparkle - Gold
          Spray & Sparkle - Iridescent
        Woodware Ultra Sticky Tape - 1/8"
        Stix2 Ultra Sticky Clear Tape
        Stix2 Ultra Clear Double Sided Tape 1/8"
      Groovi/Parchment/Pergamano & PCA
        Brads & Eyelets
        Groovi Plates & Accessories
          8" Plates
          A5 Plates
          A6 Plates
          Accessories & Storage
        Light Box
        Parchment Paper
        PCA Tools & Accessories
        Pergamano Tools & Accessories
          Embossing Tools
          Pergamano Embossing Tool - PG10098 Large Ball 4.5mm
          Pergamano Embossing Tool - PG10011 Small Ball 1.5mm
          Pergamano Embossing Tool - PG10099 Extra Large Ball 6.0mm
          Pergamano Embossing Tool - PG10021 Large Ball 3.0mm
          Pergamano Embossing Tool - PG10091 Wheel 2
          Pergamano Embossing Tool - PG10072 Extra Small Ball Stainless Steel 1.0mm
          Pergamano Embossing Tool - PG10026 Triangle
          Pergamano Embossing Tool - PG10031 Fine Stylus 0.5mm
          Pergamano Embossing Tool - PG10032 Fine Stylus Stainless Steel 0.5mm
          Pergamano Embossing Tool - PG10071 Extra Small Ball 1.0mm
          Pergamano Embossing Tool - PG10001 Hockey Stick
          Pergamano Embossing Tool - PG10090 Wheel
          Pergamano Embossing Tool - PG10004 Shader 1.0mm
          Pergamano Embossing Tool - PG10005 Shader
          Pergamano Embossing Tool - PG10022 Star 2.0mm
          Perforating Tools
          Pergamano Perforating Tool - PG10220 Triangle
          Pergamano Perforating Tool - PG10211 Flower
          Pergamano Perforating Tool - PG10230 Angle
          Pergamano Perforating Tool - PG10281 3-Needle
          Pergamano Perforating Tool - PG10251 4-Needle
          Pergamano Perforating Tool - PG10291 Lozenge
          Pergamano Perforating Tool - PG10209 Semi Circle
          Pergamano Perforating Tool - PG10223 Five in Circle
          Pergamano Perforating Tool - PG10212 5 Needle
          Pergamano Perforating Tool - PG10235 Swirl
          Pergamano Perforating Tool - PG10213 Four in Four
          Pergamano Perforating Tool - PG10236 Star Point
          Pergamano Perforating Tool - PG10237 Semi Circle Mini
          Pergamano Perforating Tool - PG10228 Drop
          Pergamano Perforating Tool - PG10219 Cross
          Pergamano Perforating Tool - PG10224 Arrow
          Pergamano Perforating Tool - PG10214 Semi Square
          Pergamano Perforating Tool - PG10229 1-Needle Bold
          Pergamano Perforating Tool - PG10225 2-Split
          Pergamano Perforating Tool - PG10216 Heart
          Pergamano Perforating Tool - PG10217 Semi Star
          Pergamano Perforating Tool - PG10261 2-Needle
          Pergamano Perforating Tool - PG10218 Straight Four
          Pergamano Perforating Tool - PG10231 Almond
          Pergamano Perforating Tool - PG10232 Moon
          Pergamano Perforating Tool - PG10221 Diamond
          Pergamano Perforating Tool - PG10233 Wing
          Pergamano Perforating Tool - PG10234 Butterfly
          Pergamano Perforating Tool - PG10226 4-Split
          Pergamano Perforating Tool - PG10215 Double Four
          Pergamano Perforating Tool - PG10227 Wave
          Pergamano Perforating Tool - PG10241 1-Needle
          Pergamano Accessories
          Pergamano Extra Large Embossing/Perforating Mat
          Pergamano A5 Cutting & Perforating Mat
          Pergamano Caps
          Pergamano Mapping Pen
          Pergamano Nibs
          Pergamano Perga Cutter
          Pergamano Scissors Exclusive
          Pergamano Tool Organiser
          Pergamano A5+ Perforating Mat
          Pergamano Embossing Mat Excellent
          Pergamano Grids
    Card & Paper
    Mirri Board - Gold
    Mirri Board - Gold & Silver
    Mirri Board - Assorted Colours
    Colour & Texture
    Stickles Glitter Glue - Star Dust
    Stickles Glitter Glue - Diamond
    Stickles Glitter Glue - Icicle
    StazOn Ink Pad Sunflower Yellow
    Stickles Glitter Glue - Cinnamon
    Dies & Cutting

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